Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In my case it should be a verb!
But it is an adjective and the first definition is at least gentle. Hasty means excessively quick. But the second states that hasty is done with great haste AND without deliberation. ouch!
Three cheers for my long suffering hubby who never knew hasty til he met her!
Laying 3 patio blocks took ALL morning and things are still settling so tools are still not put away. Those things are heavy, too, and he yelled at me for not paying attention to the instruction about pinch points. Sheesh, it was my fingers. 8^)
But I am guilty. I seriously under estimate the size, difficulty, cost and TIME for these 'little' jobs.
Which brings me to dyeing. Not being able to mix, stir, and splash immediately has left me only reading about it as I think inspiring thoughts on my way to dreamland. My dyes don't have the same numbers as the book. I'm starting to catch on that just because I see in my mind what I want does NOT mean that it will happen by wishing, hoping and great desire. So if I want Sunrise pink I need to identify blue red verses orange red. And I'm thinking turquoise is probably not the drop of blue that will make everything just peachy! So I'm rethinking this. I should do some basic "one layer, one colour" and keep some notes in a binder, WITH a swatch. I can save the 'parfaits' for the follow up on gradations.
Hmm, I wonder if it is okay to gradually get hasty?

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