Friday, August 7, 2009

Creativity revisited

I haven't made it to the big city but I went back to the local scrapbooking store. I musta missed the whole section on paints, inks and dyes. The gal working in the store is also a quilter so we tried to figure stuff for fabric. She took me to their playroom and we tried a few things on the inside of our cuffs and pockets and an old piece of denim! She also suggested some cost effective supplies. I'm invited to bring some stuff back and we'll try some more things. How encouraging but she said crafters need to share what they know! So I have a date for 2 weeks hence.
Last night I began again and wet stuff is certainly more challenging for us zealous, spontaneous, can't wait for it to dry, dabblers! But I'm feeling a bit more comfortable; NOT that I know what I'm doing but I'm certainly feeling that incorporating wet processes into my bag of tricks is gonna be FUN! I'm still on paper so now I need to bump things up a notch. I wonder how I can keep the fabric taut? Something to ponder as I go back and finish the other 2/3 of the basement on this rainy housecleaning day.

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Unknown said...

Keep your fabric taut by stretching it on a wooden frame and using push pins to secure it. Or, if you need the fabric to lay flat, lay down a thick tarp or blanket (that you don't mind getting messy) and then pin your fabric to it with small safety pins. The thick blanket trick also makes a great surface for stamping repeat images on fabric