Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thought I'd die

I was really tempted to forget the plan and start to dye some fabric but I have to keep my word to myself. Garden day, exercise day. Turns out to have been maybe the hottest day so far. I made sure to keep drinking water.

I worked along the 'terrace'. It is a long hook shaped border that has a gravel path between it and the south wall of the house. The hook has a somewhat circular gravel area that really needs a nice wrought iron table and 2 chairs, white. I haven't found one but plastic just blows away. There is a weeping willow in that hook which is lovely to sit under.

This is close to the water hose so I've some roses, lilies, iris, foxgloves, peony, cranesbill, heuchera, hosta, ferns, Joe Pye, Autumn Joy sedum, (etc.) and a couple of shrubs. The colour scheme is pastel yellows and pinks with a silvery blue for accents. I can't seem to wait for the 'right' time to transplant and if I see something that screams 'wrong colour' I move it. I'm eyeing up some of the day lilies. Their peach is bordering on orange. I try to contrast leaf textures and I've learned that the shade plants can do well under or behind some of the sun lovers..

I luv the sound of the gravel but it does get into the bed and that black edging is a pain. I am switching out the field stones that lead thru the bed and up to the front steps which is our main entrance as nobody likes walking on them, except me! My hubby is off from work for a day or two and has agreed to get about 3 big patio blocks tomorrow morning and position them for me.

I risked life and limb to grab a couple of photos. The mosquitoes are bent on murder. But I've lived to tell and maybe I can dye tomorrow! 8^)

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous yard. :D If you dye, be sure to take photos and tell us about it!