Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Light, a colourful word

Light streams through the atmosphere from its source, the sun. Without it we would not have life. It brightens everything. It strikes the earth at different angles at different times of the year. It is diffused through the canopies of clouds and trees, and the curtains of voile and rose petals. Light then bounces all around and back into our faces. It makes us laugh as we try to catch the dancing specks from sun catchers. The revealing light of the North American prairies is different from the heavy light of the South African rain forests, is different from the crisp light of the European coasts, is different from the breathless light of the Asian mountain steppes, and is different from the relentless light of the Australian desserts. Generally we take light for granted; specifically it is probably the most constantly changing aspect of our days.

We say it is white but it is a bundle of colour, refracting through prisms of water or crystal.

Ah, all the colours of the rainbow!

What is your favorite colour? Mine? Ah, it depends what day it is, where I am, and what jewel I'm beholding! But if pressed, I'll go for the source, sunny yellow!

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