Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good News

I get a plus added to my grade for the day!
I stuck to the plan.
I spent the morning organizing
The Coop and Saucer Playroom.
I think I have all the mixed media stuff in the
bookcase where it is most useful.
The main table is clear.
Then I had to switch to outside work as our weather has been extremely rainy and a break in the clouds gave opportunity to accomplish something without getting too soaked.
The larger of our barns is undergoing reorganozing as well. We are downsizing our sheep flock and a summer kitchen, chicken coop, and feed storage area is planned for the front half. So son #3 and I were cleaning. He and I worked on cleaning old pens. One job was to get rid of old ashes from the pellet stove in the house. It was my job to disperse them over my flower beds. These ashes are residue from burning feed grade grains in the stove. The poplar tree bush we have next to the house is not suitable for heating. But we can grow a feed grain that heats the house wonderfully. So I'll be anxious to see if the flower bed benefits from the added fertilizer. But boy, was I dirty when I was done!
Then in the evening I organized my dyeing notebook for next time and I basted the small quilt/tablecloth for machine quilting today.
The grass cutting will have to wait for sunnier days. Things take longer to dry as the sun is starting to loose it's warmth so drying takes a lot longer. The flock and farmyard animals are not liking all the mud. Well, ducks excepted! 8^)
So I am feeling extremely virtuous. YAY!

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