Saturday, August 15, 2009

The journey begins with a single step

Having a focus for each day is making such a big difference. According to the experts having a specific time dedicated to your work developes new habits of working. It builds a good work environment and puts some of the many distractions at a distance. And I am easily distracted but if I know it will have its specific time in the week, I can more easily submit to the plan for the day.
Monday I was supposed to quilt but I organized more stuff. Not quite the plan but it is moving me in the direction of being able to do just that as I make my space more 'ready'. I was all inspired to do some dyeing but Tuesdays are physical garden work and I kinda made myself do that and I had such a good day, probably the best dry day for the week. The continuation of the garden day with the walk Wednesday morning was a bonus job from the prep work done the day before, so things were beginning to roll along on their own. Thursday I was stalling but I really want the dyed fabric so I started with the laundry which is in my dye area and I began to assemble stuff between loads and things began to roll along. Momentum built because I'd verbally committed and creative things are scheduled for Thursday nights. Felt good to go to bed knowing I'd have results for show and tell in the morning. Friday I coulda started the next colour run but those darn shelves. I'd been putting them off and today I'd written them down as the house project. nnnngghhhhh I am so messy when it comes to painting. But again; commitment.
The rewards are there. Feel good, physically tired and a good night's sleep. Feel good, try a new recipe. Feel good, invite company over. Feel good, a serendipity happens.

The study guide says: don't deny distractions, but deny their temptations.
And I would add, It'll feel GOOD!


Unknown said...

It sounds like you're experiencing some real changes in your life. I can relate, because I am, too. I think it's wonderful that you're embracing them so wholeheartedly and with bravery! :D

Anonymous said...

It sounds interesting changes in your life ...
Thanks for sharing with us...

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