Tuesday, August 4, 2009

paper by the pound!

Whoa! This is a bigger, heavier job than I thought. I have reduced the paper by half. I think! I still have a bit more to file in the file cabinet but I am only using one cabinet whereas I had 2 legal sized ones before. Probably still too much but wonderful as the internet is I do like my hard copies. I mostly saved up to date 'how to's' and some inspirations
Some of the stuff I had is no longer where my interest lies but some still make me smile. So as I was reminiscing I thought I'd see if I could throw in some of my history. The past, some very old; some pretty near! You know I could see that some of the 'real me' was there but I supressed it to conform to 'the image'. I am not a flower person and the group I was with were all traditionalists and we took a class in a shop where the fabric we needed to buy was pretty flowery. So I got the paisley as my theme and went with the solids. I'm not a blue person either but ... This was also the hand quilting era and I am NOT. So if I was to get this finished in my life time, I finally decided to roll it up and I started my machine quilting debut.

The Red Hat quilt is from a Yahoo group. I quite enjoyed this quilt. Among my throw away papers I found the original alternate block I'd drawn for the alternate blocks. I had lost it and decided on the graduated fabric. But I still like the idea in that block and it is in the saved pile!

The 6" sampler blocks is part of a new local group which is about teaching/learning/experimenting. I picked a palette of fabrics for a scrappy look and just luved doing this. The diagonal direction was very much where I wanted to go right from the start. This was hard to give away.

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