Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Letters to the editor 8^)

Not at all where my thinking was going but it is always good to be flexible.
I'm relieved to see some free space showing up on the floors and table tops again and was thinking about the process of eliminating extra stuff. I was thinking editing.
But it seems it is a literary term and one who edits (prepares for publication) came before the stuff edited, if that makes sense.
Anyway, the definition that seemed to fit what I'm doing is "to modify or adapt so as to make suitable or acceptable". I think I also came across delete and eliminate at one point.
And this editor is eliminating mostly paper stuff but I shall consider editing my written words as well! My dear ol' Dad used to say, "State your business and be brief!".
Perhaps working on the exterior shall have an effect on the interior. My secretary should make a note of that. Hey, I'm trying to eliminate paper so edit that note!

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