Friday, August 28, 2009

Still Green

The only creating I did Thursday night was the processing of garden fresh green beans. So I felt the urge to do 'something' this morning. I dabbled a bit with stencils and paint and I think I have the difference between a dye ink pad and a permanent-waterproof dye ink pad figured out. lol
But I also had to get my gift project finished and I did. It is meant as a table topper and could be considered to be a Christmas themed quilt but actually it is very much at home in a country green decor setting. The red is sorta rusty. The greens actually have a few variations ranging from blue green to olive green so I knew it would go with the country green.

The design is 2 blocks, one a plain alternating theme fabric and the second is a 4 patch. To create lots of movement I had the little plaid squares run at an opposite angle to the light and larger squares.

Tomorrow I will have to get those shelves operational on the house list. I might as well get the books in them as I'm not sure when I can tweak the bookcase itself.


Zora said...

this quilt is totally gorgeous! I am a beginning quilter and am really jealous. Well done! Thanks also for visiting my blog and commenting on one of my postcards. Keep creating! (I've posted new ones finally:)

Unknown said...

This is really beautiful, elle!!

elle said...

Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement myself.