Monday, August 31, 2009

Looks can be deceiving!

Tough day! I had to give myself a stern talking to when I found myself diddling around instead of doing the first thing on the list. But I did get it done and rewarded myself with a coffee break!
Then I studied the work table. Looks good but I do still have a few piles on the floor.
Then I had to go on another hunt to find this quilt that I'd squirreled away because I'd wanted to make the place look neat. I had previously done the straight line stabalizing so now I can remove all the safety pins and do the more decorative stitching which is often free motion. This is a new set up for me as I usually have the drop leaf behind the sewing machine up and operational. If it doesn't work I can still push things around and get it in place. This is a queen sized quilt and I'm thinking it will be the second last queen that I'll do. I'm gonna stick to doubles. I must admit it feels good to be tackling a bed quilt again.
But I'm also gonna tackle my dear hubby! Look at that shelf! No way that is level! argghhhhh!


Unknown said...

It looks like things are coming together... I'm betting you're thrilled!

I dunno why my photos didn't come through... I will try mailing them again tomorrow. For now, I'm off to bed. :D

elle said...

YES! I am starting to smile when I see how things are coming together. I'm really wanting to play now!

Anonymous said...
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