Tuesday, August 4, 2009


When we moved here in 1974 this was a derelict farm. There was a big barn and a farmhouse from the 30's, a few old graineries and tangles of barb wire fence remnants. Imagine the worst! First year we hauled junk. Second year we hauled junk. All the while trying to make the farm support our family of six. When we finally could get down some grass things looked better. We ordered shelterbelt trees with only mediocre success. But the single most impressive thing we did was about 1985 we put in a rough lumber fence that divided the farm yard from the house yard. It enclosed nothing and curved slightly. We could not believe how it anchored the buildings and gave a settled appearance to the site. This year that fence is getting some needed attention because the focus this year is fences whether it be sheep fences, poultry yards or the kind you hang garden gates on. My farmer had also said to me, "enough". He has curtailed my plans for world dominion but he agreed to a short decorative fence across the back for another boundary. But as we've been cutting grass and gnashing our teeth over lack of hay this year we realized it should not be decorative but functional. So we are getting ready to pound posts for another sheep pasture behind my yard. I'll need to refigure that back area but I believe it will be just as impressive. We look west to the prairies and east to the parklands. I'll still be able to see forever but I'll have that edge that says, the garden of Elle stops here!

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