Monday, August 17, 2009

Art in the Garden

The garden club in town has been having garden tours. They needed a last minute fill-in for the art part of the garden for this last Saturday's tour. I'm usually 'up' for last minute fun so I agreed. I had 10 minutes to come up with a theme and chose Seasons in the Garden and tried to pick with that in mind. I luv making vignettes. A few challenges: no idea of what I could expect, getting pins into the little holes in stucco, the rain every half hour, the ho, hum between visitors, and the mosquitoes! (course they kinda took care of the ho, hum!)

I'm sure the organizers were disappointed with the rain and poor turn out but there are a few zealous gardeners out there.

They appreciated the quilts and a standard question was "You did all of these!". I kept thinking of all the stuff I'd left at home. :D If I'd been quick on the up take I could have asked if they had planted all the green growing things in their back yards. Gardeners are collectors, too. lol

The biggest quilt, Garden Trellis, welcomed visitors and went straight into the washer and dryer when I got home and I was very okay with that. I use my stuff. A small wall quilt on top of an easel tells a story. The sun is shining, birds are singing, there is laughter in a secret walled garden. Inside there is singing and love because of what it contains. There are triangles representing my favorite things: sunshine, birds, butterflys, and bunnies, music, each member of my family, flowers, garden tools, veggies, each season, a creek, well, you get the idea. Oh, the figure representing me holds a quilt!

Below that is another small quilt that has small squares of some of my favorite fabrics. This shows that even with the disparity of colours, designs, etc. it all works beautifully within the confines of a well chosen border. This applies to gardens and LIFE as well.

It was a new experience. I did enjoy it, though I'm not ready to have business cards printed up. And I better get busy and make some more/better 'art' in case they need another warm body in the future! 8^)


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